About Me

edmfI’m Ed Menard and BackAmp Research is the focal point for stuff I do on the interwebs.  At various points in my life I’ve been a burger flipper at Burger Chef, a pizza guy, a dorm furniture mover, an electrical engineer (actually have credentials for this) working on automation and robots, an IT architect (more credentials), an account manager, a board member of Black Star Co-op, and an investor in Blue Owl Brewing.  I’ve managed to work at the same three initial company three different times and twice ending up doing the same job at a different company after being divested. I worked for another three initial company briefly and finally found myself back at a four-initial spinoff from the third time at the first three initial company.

Now, I’ve recently graduated from full-time employment. I’m currently involved with a few consulting projects. And, I’m always interested in entrepreneurial and investment opportunities. Please contact me to discuss specifics.

I also hold a couple of patents, like to ride my bicycles (slowly), play tennis (poorly), and take photos.

By the way, when I was seven years old I coined the term “Nothing Sandwich”. I’ve noticed that there are other references to nothing sandwiches on the web, but I assure you that I originated the term in the ’60s. (On a related note, my father once told me that he coined the term “AOK”. He’s a retired rocket scientist. A web search suggested that some journalist first used it in the early sixties, but Dad is quite adamant that he started it in the late ’50s.)

I’m a Gator who lives in Austin, TX.

“You can pretend to be serious; you can’t pretend to be witty.” — Sacha Guitry

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