About BackAmp Research

airplane_rs1BackAmp Research is headquartered in Austin, TX.  Satellite offices are located in various Hilton hotels across the US and Latin America, notably Seattle, Columbus, Nashville, Chicago, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Dallas, New York City, Orlando, Toronto, and Sao Paulo.

Our research focuses on Austin events, travel, bicycling, photography, and interesting technology, more or less in that order.

::: Contact :::

Director of Internet Relations:

Label by ACME Label Maker.

::: People :::

We call people “people”, not Resources, Assets, or even Soylent Green. We also try to avoid “reaching out”, but we do call, email, IM, or even speak in person. The terms “traction” and “resonate” remain on our watch list.

::: Company History :::

BackAmp Research was formed in 1960 in Rockledge, Florida, as a subsidary of Glyptoman Conglomerated. In 1980, BackAmp Research relocated to Gainesville, Florida under a technology incubator program at the University of Florida. During this period, the company negotiated various business agreements that would result in later strategic acquisitions. In 1984, the spin-off from Glyptoman was formally completed and the company relocated again to Austin, Texas. BackAmp Research retired its senior debt obligations to the parent company in 1986. Company operations remained in Austin until an emergency relocation in 1999 related to a merger with AYBCO. From 1999 to 2005, BackAmp Research operated from its temporary headquarters in Parrish, Florida. In 2005, BackAmp Research returned to Austin where it continues to operate today.

“Never offend people with style when you can offend them with substance.” — Sam Brown

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