Project 365 (or 366)

XANTEP::: Project 365 for 2008 :::

Project 365 is an idea stolen from inspired by this post on Photojojo. The idea is take a photo a day to document your year and improve your photography.

My plan was take at least one photo every day in 2008. That’s 366 photos this (leap) year, but who’s counting? I posted the “best” photo(s) each day to the BackAmp Project 365 Gallery.

Amazingly, I made it for the year without forgetting a day, although there were a few 11:59 close calls.

It was an enjoyable project although it turned out a bit different than I might have guessed. I expected to get better technically with my camera, and I did learn a few subtleties. I particularly wanted to improve on approaching strangers about taking their photo, which I barely improved at (although beer helps).

What I did get better at (I think) was finding seemingly mundane things to photograph in an interesting way, at least to me. And the record of the year is amazing, I remember each and every shot and also quite a bit about that particular day that would otherwise become more of a blur.

I did enjoy the project thoroughly and became quite comfortable explaining to friends and coworkers why I was hauling a camera around all of the time. I considered continuing to 2009, but come Jan 1, I was happy to not be scanning for a photo from the time I got up until I had something I liked. It surprised me, but that “looking for a photo” mode just switched off; I had sort of expected to find myself constantly on the lookout and worrying about getting something until I would remember that the project was over.

 ::: Project 12 for 2009 :::

For 2009, I continued on with a much lower impact Project 12, mainly just to keep my Photoblog account active. If you happen to decide to give Project 365 (or Project 52, or Project 12) a try, I highly recommend Photoblog. It’s easy to use and has more of a community spirit than Flickr.

::: Project 365-X2 308 for 2010 :::

I started my second P365 in 2010 but March and April unexpectedly required my full concentration elsewhere (let’s just say that I won’t be posting as many travel photos), but I picked back up in May with Project 308.

::: Project 365+33 from 11-11-11 to 12-12-12 :::

I’ve completed another round of daily photography starting on Nigel Tufnel Day (aka 11-11-11) and continuing through 12-12-12. After a short break, I’m going to start another project, perhaps theme based. Or maybe just a picture-a-day-while-traveling. I’m still trying to think of a good idea. The main advantage to the daily photography is the discipline, but the downside is that some days it’s only a chore and the photos reflect that.

::: Project 7 Up :::

The latest idea is Project 7 Up, started on, appropriately, 07-07-2013. The rule is to take and post at least one photo every seven days. I’m liking this since it’s more flexible than a “picture-a-week” (or P52), more frequent than Project 12, and less grinding than my three previous “picture-a-day” projects. So far, it’s kept my interest up without becoming the chore of P365. I’m planning to continue this indefinitely.

Update:  Well, “indefinitely” turned out to be until the fall of 2014. After that, I somewhat haphazardly updated the Photoblog through 2015. I was increasingly using my phone and posting only to Facebook and, more recently, Instagram. But I miss the ease of reviewing and remembering. Fortunately, I’m still taking plenty of photos and making a conscientious effort to carry an actual camera, especially if something interesting may be happening.

::: Ongoing :::

Photoblog recently implemented a major overhaul to their site.  It’s new look is modern and slick. Unfortunately, they removed some functions that I found useful for tracking photo dates.  After some consideration, I decided to return to Flickr for the following reasons:

  • I’d already been cross posting some of the Photoblog entries
  • 1 TB of storage
  • More control / features
  • Integration widget with WordPress

Perhaps I’ll come up with a catchy name.  But, for now, just trying to keep up with posting some photos.


“Three o’clock is always too late or too early for anything you want to do” — John-Paul Sartre

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