Project 365 (or 366)

XANTEP::: Project 365 for 2008 :::

Project 365 is an idea stolen from inspired by a post that used to be on Photojojo. The idea is take a photo a day to document your year and improve your photography.  That post is gone now, but here’s the idea.

My plan was take at least one photo every day in 2008. That’s 366 photos this (leap) year, but who’s counting? I posted the “best” photo(s) each day to the BackAmp Project 365 Gallery.

Amazingly, I made it for the year without forgetting a day, although there were a few 11:59 close calls.

It was an enjoyable project although it turned out a bit different than I might have guessed. I expected to get better technically with my camera, and I did learn a few subtleties. I particularly wanted to improve on approaching strangers about taking their photo, which I barely improved at (although beer helps).

What I did get better at (I think) was finding seemingly mundane things to photograph in an interesting way, at least to me. And the record of the year is amazing, I remember each and every shot and also quite a bit about that particular day that would otherwise become more of a blur.

I did enjoy the project thoroughly and became quite comfortable explaining to friends and coworkers why I was hauling a camera around all of the time. I considered continuing to 2009, but come Jan 1, I was happy to not be scanning for a photo from the time I got up until I had something I liked. It surprised me, but that “looking for a photo” mode just switched off; I had sort of expected to find myself constantly on the lookout and worrying about getting something until I would remember that the project was over.

 ::: Project 12 for 2009 :::

For 2009, I continued on with a much lower impact Project 12, mainly just to keep my Photoblog account active. If you happen to decide to give Project 365 (or Project 52, or Project 12) a try, I highly recommend Photoblog. It’s easy to use and has more of a community spirit than Flickr.

::: Project 365-X2 308 for 2010 :::

I started my second P365 in 2010 but March and April unexpectedly required my full concentration elsewhere (let’s just say that I won’t be posting as many travel photos), but I picked back up in May with Project 308.

::: Project 365+33 from 11-11-11 to 12-12-12 :::

I’ve completed another round of daily photography starting on Nigel Tufnel Day (aka 11-11-11) and continuing through 12-12-12. After a short break, I’m going to start another project, perhaps theme based. Or maybe just a picture-a-day-while-traveling. I’m still trying to think of a good idea. The main advantage to the daily photography is the discipline, but the downside is that some days it’s only a chore and the photos reflect that.

::: Project 7 Up :::

The latest idea is Project 7 Up, started on, appropriately, 07-07-2013. The rule is to take and post at least one photo every seven days. I’m liking this since it’s more flexible than a “picture-a-week” (or P52), more frequent than Project 12, and less grinding than my three previous “picture-a-day” projects. So far, it’s kept my interest up without becoming the chore of P365. I’m planning to continue this indefinitely.

Update:  Well, “indefinitely” turned out to be until the fall of 2014. After that, I somewhat haphazardly updated the Photoblog through 2015. I was increasingly using my phone and posting only to Facebook and, more recently, Instagram. But I miss the ease of reviewing and remembering. Fortunately, I’m still taking plenty of photos and making a conscientious effort to carry an actual camera, especially if something interesting may be happening.

::: Ongoing :::

Photoblog recently implemented a major overhaul to their site.  It’s new look is modern and slick. Unfortunately, they removed some functions that I found useful for tracking photo dates.  After some consideration, I decided to return to Flickr for the following reasons:

  • I’d already been cross posting some of the Photoblog entries
  • 1 TB of storage (2019: Now limited to 1000 photos)
  • More control / features
  • Integration widget with WordPress

Perhaps I’ll come up with a catchy name.  But, for now, just trying to keep up with posting some photos.

::: 2019-09-18 Update:::

On a recent drive out to Fredericksburg, I stumbled upon this on TX-16:


Still not completely sure what it is, exactly, but apparently a burgeoning trailer park resort.

In any event, it motivated me to resume taking/posting daily photos.  I headed to Flickr at first.  Sadly, they’ve changed management and terms AGAIN.  Free accounts are now limited to 1000 photos.  That’s not enough for daily/P365, so I’ve headed back to Photoblog.  The new series starts here.



“Perfection of means and confusion of goals seem, in my opinion, to characterize our age.” – Einstein

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